art guidelines
Please follow the guidelines below to ensure that your artwork is ready for production, preventing any delays or additional charges on your order. ARTWORKS

Please review these helpful tips before providing us with your designs:
  • Please ensure that ALL licensed artworks (Trademark, Copyright, etc.) are supplied with authorized written permission, allowing us to legally use them
  • For designs incorporating photo images, please supply high resolution jpeg files
  • Minimum use of filters on artwork is greatly appreciated
  • Please email your artwork in vector format in the form of an .eps or .ai file with PDF content incorporated (file size up to 3MB-megabyte)
  • Any digital file exceeding 3MB (megabyte) should be uploaded to our FTP site
  • Please contact customer service for information on how to upload files to AK’s FTP site
  • Faxes and photocopies are acceptable, however artworks will require significant touch-ups and alterations
  • You may supply sample garments as reference, but please keep in mind the artwork may differ slightly from the original
  • Maximum screen print dimensions are 15″ x 12″
  • Maximum embroidery dimensions are 24″ x 12″
  • Please contact customer service for any additional information

  • Screen Print: 6 units
  • Embroidery/Tackle Twill: 12 Units
  • Repeats: 6 UNITS
  • On quantities less than the minimum, a surcharge will apply

  • Please make sure that your requests and specified details are complete, easy to understand and are organized
  • Please type or print clearly and verify spelling is accurate
  • Please ensure that your cresting colours are specified clearly
  • Please verify that all number selections are correct and are matched properly with the sizes and names, if applicable
  • Please note that your order depends on the accuracy of the information that you provide

  • Please wash screen printed garments inside out
  • Use only cold or lukewarm water when washing
  • Use only mild soap and detergent
  • Do not use bleach of any kind
  • Lay flat to dry immediately after washing
  • Do not machine dry
  • Following these instructions will help guarantee that your garments will look great for years to come